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HOW FAR DO YOU TRAVEL? Sprinkle Pop Play performers will travel up to 25 miles from our location for events with no travel charge. We are located at 231 Franklin St., Fayetteville, NC  28301. We are happy to check the distance for you when you call. 

HOW MUCH IS THE TRAVEL FEE? It depends on how far away your party is outside of our 25 mile limit. We are more than happy to quote an amount for you.

ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS YOU NEED TO MAKE? Safe and easy access to your event is important. We request that you save a spot for your character to park close to the entrance of the event.  Our characters also greatly appreciate having clients help carry supplies into and out of parties, as some of our gowns/costumes are hard to maneuver in. 

DOES IT MATTER HOW MANY GUESTS I INVITE? Yes! All party packages include up to 15 guests including the guest of honor. Any additional guests will require a "Character Helper" to accompany your character during all activities at a rate of $50 per hour. You can upgrade your Helper to an additional character for $75 per hour. NOTE: A fee of $50 per hour will be assessed for any parties that do not schedule a "Character Helper" but have more than 15 attendees. 

WHAT TYPES OF VENUES WILL WE GO TO? We can travel to any type of venue where your party is located. However, some venues have restrictions. You may want to check with your venue before you invite us to attend. 

DO YOU HAVE AN OUTDOOR EVENT POLICY? Outdoor venues are always welcome! However, we can't have our characters in the rain, snow. extreme hot or extreme cold. We suggest having a covered or shaded area for our characters. NOTE: As outdoor venues are much more difficult for our princesses and require that our gowns go through a rigorous cleaning process after being exposed to outdoor elements, we do charge a $20 flat fee per princess per party for all exclusively outdoor party venues, such as parks. Let us know upon booking if your venue is outdoors. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF A GUEST BECOMES ILL, UPSET, OR MISBEHAVES? Characters are only responsible to engage the children in party activities. Any behavior or health issues with children must be taken care of by the client or party host. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is the responsibility of the client to monitor and take charge of any attendees who are not behaving or who do not want to participate in the party activities.

WHAT IF A GUEST ARRIVES LATE? All parties will begin at the time scheduled by the client and will end at the end of the party duration time. All events are based on a schedule and work best when all guests arrive on time. Late guests are welcome to join in upon arrival.

WHAT DOES THE CHARACTER BRING TO THE PARTIES? Our characters bring everything needed to conduct the activities included in your ordered package. We always bring something for the birthday child to wear or use during the party duration. We supply our own storybook for storytelling as well as any crafting supplies or games that come with your package.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PROVIDE FOR THE PARTY? Sprinkle Pop Play does not provide any food, beverages, or supplies for eating or decorating. We are, however, more than willing to cut or serve cake and beverages. If crafts are a part of your package, we request that you provide a table. If your character is facepainting or storytelling they will need a seat.

WHAT CAN I DO TO ENSURE THAT THE PARTY GOES SMOOTHLY? There are a few things that always help with the fluidity of the party day. Here's a list to help you plan accordingly.

  • Reserve a close parking spot for the character so she will not have to fight to find parking and walk far.
  • Your character will arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled party start time. Have your guests arrive 5-10 minutes after your character arrives to ensure set-up time.
  • Have water available for the character to drink throughout your party.
  • If you are planning an outside party, make sure the area is guarded from heat/sun, or from any wet weather.
  • Have a clean, dry, shaded area for activities, free of dirt, mud, water and any other bad weather conditions that may cause an ill effect to the party activities and the guests.
  • Be available to aid your character if issues arise with children needing assistance or misbehaving.
  • Have your cameras ready throughout the party! You don't want to miss special moments of your guest of honor with our character!


Cancellations made 10 days or more prior to your scheduled event will result in a refund of your deposit minus a $20 handling fee. Cancellations made between 5-10 days prior to your event will result in a refund of your deposit minus a $50 handling fee. Cancellations made less than 4 full days prior to your scheduled event will result in forfeiting of your 50% deposit. Any amount you have paid above the required 50% deposit is fully refundable at any time of cancellation. NOTE: A signed contract must be returned no later than 24 hours prior to your party or the party will be cancelled and your 50% deposit not refunded. For rescheduling, you must provide at least 2 weeks’ notice. Otherwise, cancellation fees may be incurred. 

DO YOUR CHARACTERS ACCEPT GRATUITY? Absolutely! The characters that serve you are all well trained and make it their number one priority to ensure your event is a success. Gratuity is not included in the total of your package price, so if you want to show your character that you loved their performance, gratuity is a great way of doing so. We suggest 15% of your total package price.